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"It doesn’t matter what latches on, if you wrote something straight from your heart, everyone will get it whether they know what it’s about or not..."

Written by Jack McNally

It is not very often that I find myself starstruck these days. I suppose a decade of ambling through the lower ranks of the music industry will do that to a person.
Though, on a gloomy Wednesday evening during February ’21, mid house-move, I find myself growing increasingly anxious to sit down for an unscripted interview with a person the same age as me who grew up just down the road from where I did…

I also just happen to have spent the last 2 years listening to their music every single day, it’s only now that I’m thinking  “This is weird...”

Dry mouth. Poor internet connection. How do words work again?
But enough about me…
Singer/Guitarist and founding member of Clean Cut Kid, Mike Halls, joins me from his home-studio via Zoom and pretty much answers all of my questions in one sentence - but the embarrassment is short-lived.

 Mike is forthcoming, personable and fantastically Scouse! He is also quite happy to chat with me a rambling fashion for the next hour or so - Thank fuck for that!
Our conversation meanders quite naturally through a variety of topics which ranged from the Liverpool Music scene to our American influences; From the retention of creative freedom to the stark realities of growing up borough with the third highest number of impoverished neighbourhoods in the UK (according to The Ministry of Housing).

It was a total trip, and a real pleasure.
Listen below:


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