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"I'm not very good with technology, I hate computers really, the limitations you have with an 8 track, the songs had to be simple...Limitation can be more creative I think."

Written by Jack McNally

Sometimes all you need is a catch up with a friend to dust off the Covid blues:
A rhetoric used to advertise banks and social media platforms in these (I’m going to say it it) unprecedented times.

So here I am on another Wednesday night; still moving house and sitting down for another unscripted interview with an artist I love…


Though this time it is a dear friend of mine who I haven’t caught up with in far too long.
Daniel God Damn Byrom is in the waiting room and still, somehow, it is absolutely nerve wracking!

But enough about me…

Danny joins me from his flat via satellite connection and schools me on the English Language, reminisces about his best/worst shows and ask me when my own music is going to be released – which is very nice of him.

Later than planned, terribly edited and brutally honest: Please welcome Daniel God Damn Byrom.


Live From Dead Tuesday's is out now via Small Pond

Follow Daniel God Damn Byrom:


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