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Boci @ The Folklore Rooms - 10/04/24

Whilst the unpredictable joys of spring battered down on Brighton on Wednesday night, there was an oasis of tranquillity in one corner of our beachy little city, as the multi-talented violinist Boci, took to the stage at The Folklore Rooms to showcase some brilliant tunes, old and new.

If you were brave enough to tackle the whirling winds and hazy rain like those of us in the crowd, you were rewarded with revelling in the serene soundscapes of Boci, and her wonderful support acts, songwriter Freya Eastcott, and trombonist Charlie Keen.

18-year-old Eastcott acted as the first support of the night, indulging the crowd with a profound lyricism that far surpasses not only her age, but the wisdom, reflections and imagery of many singer-songwriters today. Akin to indie icon Phoebe Bridgers, Eastcott's rich voice dancing over gently plucked guitar was a pleasure to listen to, and the perfect choice to open the night.

Following the singer-songwriter was instrumentalist, Charlie Keen, whose rousing trombone melodies had the room hypnotised. Played over mellow drones on a Shruti box (don’t worry, I had to google what that was too), the music was, as Boci described when thanking Keen and Easctott for their sets, like conversations with the universe - ethereal and somewhat otherworldly. It was a perfectly curated start to the evening, ready for the astral, alt-folk of the wonderful Boci.

A musical prelude begins our venture into the musical cosmos as Boci, alongside her friend and harpist Emmy Broughton, welcome us with wide open arms into the textural soundscape of layered violin, ethereal vocals and an arpeggiated harp they slowly create. When anticipation is bubbling, a jostling violin moment alerts you back into reality, quickly transforming into the opening motif of the first track, ‘Stories’. As the song ends, the room is still: spellbound if my feelings are anything to go by.

If music could glisten, the room would be aglow, dappled with the flickers of light as if Boci brought to life a starry night. This pastoral sentiment runs through Boci’s music, and whilst introducing track ‘Golden Sky’, from her brilliant 2022 debut, 'we are each other, this will set you free', she reminds the audience of the immense power of nature in healing, and details how this inspired the track, a quietly uplifting guitar ballad on dealing with grief. Flicking between guitar and violin throughout the set, she jokes about getting back to her comfort zone as she picks up her violin once again, divulging us with some more lush violin looping, making what must be a complex and intricate process look easy.

Not only demonstrating an amazing ability at creating intoxicating ambience and melodies, Boci shows a deep gratitude for the opportunity to create and play her music to people, to which the crowd cheers. Sharing smiles with Emmy as they play together, her endearment for playing music is delightful to see and deepens one's enjoyment at watching the set. Hopping back on guitar, with the help of friend and fellow musician Anna Anise on some delightful harmonies and a shaker, she then ends the set with a cover of Bjork's 'Unison'. If you needed any reassurance of her artistry, she christens the track with her mature influence, and it goes down a treat with the crowd.

With its foliage-draped walls lined with twinkling fairy lights and a beautifully intimate atmosphere, I can think of no better place than The Folklore Rooms to see someone like Boci perform, to revel in the atmosphere, and soak in the stunning sound.

Words by Etienne Ferenc

Photos: @lalionnephotography

You can listen to Boci's incredible album here:


Folklore Sessions returns in May for it's revered Alt Alt Escape takeover... stay tuned for more updates!

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