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'Songs You Weren't to Hear' is the 11 track, limited edition album release by Jacko Hooper, exclusive to Folklore.


Consisting of some of the rarest and unknown tracks, this is a collection of the rawest, most stripped back and honest songs Jacko has released yet and an absolute essential purchase for his fans. 
With just 250 copies available, each CDR also contains a signed lyric sheet of one of the songs from the album and a note written to the buyer thanking them for their support. 

The first 50 buyers will also get their record signed.

Included in the album is final track, 'Tonight'. The very first song ever recorded of Jacko at just 15 years of age, it highlights how long he has been on this journey and shows the beginning of his story.


These are songs that weren't meant to be heard, but now for the first time, you can hear these tracks and get an insight into the workings of this troubadour and become a part of his story in one of the most unique ways.


Jacko will be touring from Spring around the UK and Europe, you can find out further information at:

Limited Edition Album of Demo's & Rarities

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