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Spec is a Brighton based songwriter and musician, on the cusp of existing and not existing as an artistic entity. His work is scarcely performed live, and new material creeps out over long periods of time and thought. His most recent recordings, ‘( - )’ were completed in the middle of 2017. They are raw, they are introspective and they are as emotionally charged as the rare shows performed by Treadell. If you’re expecting to hear a singer-songwriter from a mould you deem to be familiar then you are off track, this isn’t an artist sticking to a formula but one creating a sound very much of his own with an album that highlights the almost uncomfortable yet gripping atmosphere of an artist not content with bringing you something just different, but something with depth too.


'( - )' Is a collection of songs written between 2014 - 2016. Recorded in December 2016 in Brighton, the album - produced an engineered by Rhys Andrews - contains six songs out of eight initially recorded. Two additional tracks were added to the six chosen for the record, both of which were made using excess sounds from the tape machine, gathered and edited throughout the recording process. 

Additional percussion was performed by Kieran Hughes, mixing overseen by Phill Brown, tracks mastered by Denis Blackman and the album's original artwork by Jess Power.


Folklore Sessions is proud to bring this record out on a limited edition run of CD, hand made and printed by James Treadall these 50 copies are exclusively available via our web store, each copy having been made with the utmost attention to detail from Treadell himself. 

Lyrics scrawled, ideas jotted down and artwork all attached inside it will be the only place you are able to access these one of a kind pieces.


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Spec ( - ) Limited Edition Album Release

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