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Together We’re Lost is the third EP release from Brighton singer-songwriter Jacko 
Hooper. Following a year of writing and taking a step back from performing live, Jacko 
returns with an EP written and recorded from his bedroom with the help from life long 
friend and Producer, Josh Trinnaman (Whose mixing credits include Noel Gallagher’s High 
Flying Birds, RY X and his own Brighton-based IDM/Jazz/Electronic outfit Luo).

A limited edition run of CDRs are available via Folklore Sessions so there will, as always with Hooper’s releases’ be an opportunity to not just stream the record digitally but get something much more personal. 
When purchasing, you will always get a one of a kind photograph, numbered and signed by Jacko documenting the weeks leading up to the release.

This limited edition CDR is limited to just 250 copies with the first 100 signed.

The lucky fans that manage to get this exclusive merchandise from Jacko will have something truly unique to add to their collection and is an absolute must for those that are part of his journey.

Together We're Lost EP - Jacko Hooper

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