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Folklore's Top 5: February Playlist Highlights

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Somehow we've reached the end of February, and the comeback of our Folklore Sessions' Playlists is now in full swing.

Despite being the shortest month of the year, we saw a record amount of submissions in the inbox and narrowing it down to 5 highlights proved trickier than planned. We got there in the end though, and these stunners have fast become firm staples over at Folklore HQ.

Pop the kettle on, find a quiet corner and get your headphones untangled (we still haven't upgraded to bluetooth!). It's time to lose yourself in our second month's soundtrack.


By Now - Preen

Originally three solo singer-songwriters, London-based band Preen combine their individual styles and influences - the likes of The Beatles, Big Thief, Aldous Harding and The Carpenters. Now a five-piece, they work together to write harmony-focused and story-led music with a feel of both the classic and new.

By Now was the first submission we listened to in February and we've been playing it every day since. It took approximately 5 seconds to fall in love with this instant classic, and we have no doubt it's luscious harmonies and sophisticated layers will have the same effect on you. Pour yourself a glass of wine and be transported to a a bustling riverside bar at sundown; Preen are here to narrate every moment.


Everybody Lets You Down - Euan Blackman

Euan Blackman crafts introspective and evergreen songs for rainy road trips with wistful gazes. He is regularly enchanted by the magic that defines the work of Phoebe Bridgers and Claude Debussy.

Written, recorded, produced and mixed in his bedroom, this dreamy, cinematic track is a bittersweet ode to facing one of life's fundamental facts - people are fallible. In the hands of Blackman, however, this topic is far from disheartening, as the lo-fi atmosphere slips through your veins and leaves you feeling quietly comforted by the fact that we're all on this mistake-ridden journey together.


Lullaby for Lucas - Katherine Abbott

Katherine is a free spirited English singer/songwriter from Stratford-upon-Avon who writes songs inspired by the quest for freedom and the contrast between dreams and reality. Influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Katherine composes songs on guitar with poetic lyrical content.

Ethereal and heartfelt, Abbotts intimate delivery makes you feel like she's letting you in on a secret. Reminiscent of Mazzy Star and Joni Mitchell, the subtlety of her composition showcases the maturity and sincerity of her storytelling. Prepare to be swept away in this Lullaby for Lucas.


Rotten Mausoleum - Adam Spry

Adam Spry is a singer, songwriter and poet from San Francisco, California. Spry is no stranger to Folklore Sessions, with his single Bonanza blowing us away back in May of 2020. This outing had the same effect when it landed in our inbox - Rotten Mausoleum is a quirky indie-rock anthem that requires you to turn the volume all the way up and dance along to it's distinctive beat.

We're eagerly anticipating his debut album, Slightly Off Kilter, which is due to be released on the 24th March. Pre-order it now - after hearing the first two singles we can already confidently say it's in the running for our record of the year!


Fast Patterns - Neev

Originally from Glasgow, London-based singer-songwriter Neev writes beautiful songs that stay with you. Whilst her lyrics set out on broad themes - relationships, existential angst, quarter-life-crises - Neev has a remarkable knack for discovering beauty in the small details.

Fast Patterns is an intricately constructed taste of what's to come from Neev's debut album Katherine, which is due for release via Trapped Animal Records on the 28th April. Sensitively arranged, the track allows Neev's faultless vibrato to take centre stage on its sweeping choruses. We can't wait to hear what else she has in store...


Special Mentions

As much as we'd like to include everyone into our monthly highlights, we've only got room to delve into five. But we'd be remiss to not mention these incredible tracks that also landed in our playlists in February 2023:


Our Spotify playlists are updated every month with our favourite new sounds, so make sure you tune in frequently- you’re guaranteed to find one of your new favourite artists along the way.

If you'd like to submit your own songs for inclusion in our playlists, please send your Spotify links over to

We can't wait to hear your music!

Please be aware that we receive a lot of submissions and we are a small team, we will listen to your music and respond when we can.

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