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Folklore's Top 5: Monthly Playlist Highlights

Updated: May 9, 2023

May has finally arrived, and what a month we have planned!

With summer just around the corner, we're gearing up for an exciting season of live music, and what better way to get things started than with some incredible new tunes for our Spotify playlists? With just a few days to go until our all-day event during The Great Escape festival, we're delighted to share with you some of our favourite songs that have been keeping us company during those late-night pre-festival planning sessions.

So, whether you're looking for a break from the stresses of the day or simply want to immerse yourself in some amazing music, join us on this journey of discovery and let yourself be carried away by the mesmerising tunes that have captured our imaginations over the last month. Let's dive in!


Black Water - Angus Powell

Born in England and raised in Wales, Angus Powell’s formative years were spent with the sound of nature as his backdrop. Early on, he immersed himself in his parents' record collection and fell in love with the soulful sounds of Otis Reading and Motown. Powell eventually found his own voice and honed his songwriting skills, delving into pop and studying music production and audio engineering. His dark, emotional sound caught the attention of LA-based music sync agent Danny Benair, leading to his music being featured in popular television shows like "Elementary" and "Bones" and films such as "Go North" and "100 Streets."

Beginning with one of the most beautiful guitar tones we've heard of late, Black Water showcases Powell's accomplished songwriting and atmospheric production skills. Soul-baring and hypnotic, the gentle hum of backing vocals lure you in like a siren's call, punctuating each of Powell's short and poignant lyrical phrases, immersing you in a dreamlike soundscape. This 3-minute masterpiece is a must-listen.


Open Your Heart - Play Misty

Bristol-based country, folk, and blues trio Play Misty may have only released one song, but what a song it is! A folk supergroup featuring members of established Bristol bands such as Sugarmoon and Amun Ramen, Play Misty have already seen support from BBC Bristol, Radio Wigwam and BCFM.

We fell in love with Open Your Heart from the second the retro-infused harmonies seeped through our headphones. The stripped-down sound may seem simple, but it's executed with dazzling precision, transporting you to a bygone era and showcasing the power in musical restraint. You'll be singing the chorus for days after listening, that's if you can stop pressing repeat in the first place- it really is that charming.


Big Mistake - The Early Purple

For over a decade, Matt Saxon has been an integral part of the thriving North East music community. During that time, he has honed his skills as a musician and helped others to realise their musical ambitions. After accumulating a collection of original songs, Saxon decided to take his own music to the next level and released his debut single under the moniker The Early Purple. The song quickly caught the attention of industry tastemakers, earning airplay on BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing and landing him a coveted support slot with Efterklang.

Political and powerful, with lyrics saturated in social commentary, the message within Big Mistake is as urgent as it is timely, reflecting the frustration and despondency felt by many across the country in today's climate. With a minimalistic approach to instrumentation, the weight of the words sung is given the space to shine, allowing the message to truly hit home with full force.

"Picking the thread of the clothes of the ones who're cold

Bid on affiliate cause to feed the crows

We're drinking the port of Blyth til the mind goes blind

Piss on the door of the church as you walk back home."


Reverie - Ollie Dixon

Ollie Dixon is an indie-ambient folk musician, whose atmospheric sound and warm-delayed acoustics have made him a staple in the South West music scene. Alongside recognition on Spotify's "New Music Friday" and "Fresh Finds Folk" playlists, Dixon has also received support from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio UK/USA for his singles,

Written in one evening and recorded in one day, Reverie is a hauntingly emotional track guaranteed to sink into your bones. With reverb-soaked vocals and instrumentation that crashes like the waves against the shore, the track completely envelopes you in a sonic sea of sound. With a sound heavily influenced by artists such as Bears Den, Novo Amor, Bon Iver, and Daughter, it's clear to see where he fits into the Folklore sound, and we can't wait to hear what he releases next.


Walking' Round Your Dreams - Emily Kinney

You might recognise Nebraska-born Emily Kinney from your TV set, however it's her raw and honest music as a singer-songwriter that truly sets her apart for us here at Folklore. Known for her melancholic yet uplifting sound, her music is a blend of indie folk and pop with thoughtful lyrics that explore the complexities of relationships and life's experiences.

Technically this track was released in May, but once we heard it we just couldn't resist adding it to our highlights. Guys, this is a bop and quite honestly the ideal song to usher in the summer months ahead. The dreamy production perfectly complements Kinney's playful delivery, as her vocals confidently dance around the quirky bassline. This track is a perfect example of Kinney's ability to craft infectious, genre-bending pop tunes that leave listeners craving more, and with her album Swimteam set for release later this year, we hopefully don't have long to wait...


Special Mentions

As much as we'd like to include everyone into our monthly highlights, we've only got room to delve into five. But we'd be remiss to not mention these incredible tracks that also landed in our playlists in April 2023:


Our Spotify playlists are updated every month with our favourite new sounds, so make sure you tune in frequently- you’re guaranteed to find one of your new favourite artists along the way.

If you'd like to submit your own songs for inclusion in our playlists, please send your Spotify links over to

We can't wait to hear your music!

Please be aware that we receive a lot of submissions and we are a small team, we will listen to your music and respond when we can.

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As we gear up for The Great Escape festival, these tunes are setting the mood for late-night planning sessions. 🌙🎸 Ready to dive into a sonic journey that captures the essence of what's to come. And to get even more followers, try soundcloud promotion services:

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