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Folklore Sessions Alt Alt Escape Highlights: Part one

The Great Escape may have ended two weeks ago, but the energy and excitement are still reverberating through the walls of Folklore HQ.

With three days packed with sensational music and an incredible lineup of 50 talented artists gracing the stage at The Folklore Rooms, it's no wonder we're still caught in the euphoria of it all.

While Thursday and Saturday brought unforgettable takeovers from FORM, End of The Trail, BDi Music, and Bucks Music Group, Friday was all about celebrating the vibrant Folklore community. From dawn till dusk and well beyond midnight, we were treated to a captivating showcase of our favourite acts from around the globe. Get ready to dive into the highlights of our day portion of the showcase, with the evening recap set to drop in the next few days.


Undeterred by the train strikes, Neev hitched a ride to Brighton, determined to bring her festival spirit to the Folklore stage. With unwavering passion and a power in her voice that could move mountains, she enchanted us all with her storytelling, with accompaniment from Maz McMillan adding a magical touch to the performance. We're already firm fans of Neev and we're counting down the days until we can welcome her back to The Folklore Rooms for another mesmerising performance.

Sophie Jamieson

Unfiltered, raw and utterly captivating. Sophie Jamieson is something truly special...

Having been with us last year as part of her headline tour, recent Bella Union signee Jamieson returned to The Folklore Rooms for a spellbinding performance, including new unreleased tracks that she is currently working on. Tracks akin to the Corpus Christi Carol rendition by Jeff Buckley, Jamieson stops you in your tracks. Timeless and unique, we can't wait to see where this powerhouse of songwriting goes next - And we'll be there watching.

Sorcha Richardson

Another return to Folklore, having been with us last November for her sold out show was Dubliner, Sorcha Richardson. The intimate environment and solo performance allowed Richardson to delve into some of her back catalogue, she exclaimed what a treat it was to be able to switch things up for this show and perform some of her more intimate work. Effortlessly cool and on an upward trajectory both sides of the Atlantic, we were blessed to see her in such an intimate space at this years festival.

Jacko Hooper

Following on from the release of his debut album Respair earlier this year, Folklore founder Jacko Hooper stepped into the spotlight of his home stage with a renewed artistic conviction and impressive showmanship. Backed by a 4-piece band that effortlessly leant into the whirlwind of dynamics he's known for, Hooper's striking vocals easily shifted between soft and intimate, to soulful and soaring. The performance was a testament to his talent and the passion he brings to his craft, and it was a true pleasure to witness him in his element within the walls he built.

Juanita Stein

Having hosted her own monthly residency at The Folklore Rooms over the last few months, Juanita Stein returned to the venue for this years festival and once again, she did not disappoint. A master of her trade having formed cult favourite Howling Bells in 1999, Stein took to the stage with the same assured presence and beautiful songwriting that we have come accustomed to seeing. With her new project Storm Franklin arriving imminently, we can't wait to see what comes next from this prolific artist.

Joseph Lawrence

A new name to Folklore, and one we won't be forgetting anytime soon, Joseph Lawrence's performance demanded attention the minute he took to the stage. His exceptionally powerful vocals, reminiscent of the likes of Hozier, resonated through the room and left a lasting impression with everyone who'd turned out to see him. A true force to be reckoned with, his stage presence was impossible to ignore with an assertive and confident delivery that drew the audience in and held them in his grip. We eagerly await the chance to hear more from this remarkable artist and see where his musical journey takes him.

Edie Bens

Having been part of the Folklore community since the start of 2019 (and appearing on Folklore founder Jacko Hooper's album Respair earlier this year), Edie Bens is a familiar face to Folklore and she returned this year with her brand of relatable and personal folk-pop anthems. Charming, alluring and resonating songs from Bens are at the forefront of what she's all about and she didn't disappoint with Cashmere Sweaters and Don't Love You Anymore being particular highlights. Same time again next year, Edie?


Keep an eye out for our evening recap dropping over the next few days. With photos and reviews from Steven Bamidele, The Leaning, King Isis, Nierra Creek and many more.

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