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Ones To Watch: 2020

Junior Brother has had a meteoric rise over the last 12 months and 2020 doesn't look like it intends on slowing down...

Having played his first Brighton show with us in August we were utterly transfixed with his blend of traditional Irish anthems and intricate guitar playing.

Shows with Glen Hansard on his US tour and releasing his critically acclaimed debut album 'Pull The Tight Rope' were two of many highlights for JB last year, let's see what 2020 has in store.


From releasing her debut EP 'Wolf', embarking on her UK tour, gaining plaudits (and tour supports) from Richard Thompson as 'the best thing he's heard all year' and regular airplay on BBC Radio 2 + 6 I think it's safe to say that 2019 was a turning point for Katherine Priddy.

Having been with us on three separate occasions over the years it was no surprise to us to see things going so well for the Brummie songstress and we can't wait to see what 2020 has in store. Haunting vocals and finger picking guitar style combined with a maturity of songwriting rarely seen, it's obvious why she's one of our ones to watch.


That. Voice.

Steven Bamidele is on the cusp of being on a lot of peoples 'ones to watch' lists with a voice and songwriting ability that belies his years. Spotify have been quick to support his work with his songs surpassing 2million streams to date and we're sure that 2020 is going to see those numbers rise considerably.

One of our stand out performances of 2019 at our monthly showcase and someone we will be watching with a very keen eye. Get to know.


We finally got to see Communion signed artist MarthaGunn live in September 2018 when they shared the stage with Phil Cook, The Hungry Mothers and Jacko Hooper.

Needless to say, we very quickly realised what all the fuss is about.

They ended 2019 as one of HMVs 'Next Big Thing' and have gained plaudits aplenty ahead of what looks to be their busiest year to date.

Songs that make you cry and yet seem to make you dance, a combination that we didn't know we needed but by golly we did. Latest release 'Heaven' has been on repeat since it's release in November - keep your eyes and ears peeled throughout this year.


Having been part of the Folklore Family since our inception in 2014, Scott Booth is looking like he's going to have a year that will surpass all others.

One of the most technically gifted acoustic guitarists in the country doesn't do justice to just what Scott is all about... It's more than that.

His track 'The Rose' went viral last year, accumulating millions of plays on Facebook and with it a legion of new fans, all desperately waiting for a tour or an album.

Both look likely this year and our excitement for what it will bring is at tipping point.


One of our favourite things about our monthly showcase is getting in artists and bands who have to strip things back from what they normally do, and Kudu Blue did just that for our Christmas Party back in 2016.

An unforgettable set 3 years ago, and a consistent and exciting rise since has left Kudu Blue on the cusp of making this year all their own.

With support from BBC Radio 1 + 1xtra and tours across Europe in 2019, it leaves us in little doubt that they are about to make themselves firmly known this year. Another Brighton act to make the city proud.


It wasn't until one of our showcases during The Great Escape Festival that we got to see Katie Pruitt live and my oh my, it left us speechless.

A soaring vocal accompanied by her Fender Telecaster was all she needed, songs that cut deep on first listen mean there's something special happening.

With her album Expectations dropping in February she's going to be starting the year with a bang and we don't see that slowing down. Expect to see a lot more of this Nashville based songwriter this year - and hopefully with a UK tour too.


We saw Winnie Raeder perform live for the first time at the same showcase as Katie Pruitt, two acts whose music we loved but had yet to been lucky enough to see live.

Within minutes of her taking the stage the venue was full, the buzz around this artist is there for all to see and as soon as she opens her mouth and starts singing you know exactly why.

The emotion that comes from Winnie's vocal is something rare, something special and something that will inevitably lead on to her having quite the musical journey.We expect 2020 to be the first of many defining years for this songstress and you'd be right to follow her story now.


Mohan has quickly become a firm part of the Folklore Family since performing for us for the first time at the start of 2019. Returning for our all day showcase during The Great Escape Festival and again in November for another showcase... Needless to say, we're big fans.

Still yet to release a track officially under the alias he now has, Mohan has a voice that is utterly striking and the production he has around his live shows compliment every breath perfectly. Every note, rhythm and vocal melody has the kind of thought and attention it deserves and when Mo releases his material this year the world is going to know, music this good always gets heard.


Signed to Brighton-based label Small Pond, we were fortunate enough to team up with them for a very special show in Brighton alongside label-mate Bonniesongs and our own, Jacko Hooper.

Natalie Evans' record 'Houses' was re-released this year and it's one of the most treasured records in our collection. Haunting, whimsical and truly beautiful.

We're hoping for more releases from her this year and either way, the other records will keep spinning.


Folklore Sessions returns on the 21st January at The White Rabbit for it's first show of the Twenties. With music from Cali Santo, Connor Adams, Sadie Horler and host & curator Jacko Hooper, this 2020 opener is not one to miss...

Doors: 20h00

Free Entry

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