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Rock the New Year: Expand Your Musical Horizons with a Listening Resolution

We all know that feeling...

Maybe you find it when you’re washing up the stack of mugs in your kitchen sink, with the radio buzzing along merrily in the background. You might be stuck on a never-ending train journey, with a streaming service as your only companion, turning the shuffle function on and letting the background noise fade away.

However you find it, it always feels like it was the very first time. Whether it starts with a word, a phrase, a simple chord progression or the specific cadence of a melody; something connects as if it was physically slamming into you and dragging you into its own little world… It's unparalleled: you’ve just stumbled upon your new favourite song.

It's a feeling that we all know and love, but how often do we actually seek out new music on a regular basis? For many of us, it's easy to get stuck in a musical rut, listening to the same old playlist over and over again (even if it's starting to drive your roommates crazy). But what if I told you that expanding your musical horizons could have a positive impact on your life?

Music has the power to lift our moods, reduce stress, and even improve our cognitive function. Studies have shown that listening to music can increase productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. So, why not make listening to more music your New Year's resolution for 2023?

Explore new genres

One way to discover new music is to step outside of your comfort zone. Try exploring genres that you normally wouldn't listen to. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite band in a genre you never thought you'd enjoy. Another way to discover new music is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Often, the music that means the most to us are the songs that have been shared with us by the people we love.

Get out and about

If you’ve already made a resolution to get out and about more in the New Year, a great way to find new music is to attend local gigs and festivals. Not only will you get a chance to see your favourite artists live, but you'll also be exposed to new acts that you may have never heard of before. Imagine the bragging rights you would've picked up if you'd chanced upon Wolf Alice at a London open mic... It's a win-win situation!

Connect with communities

Making listening to more music a priority can also be a great way to connect with others. Invite friends over for a jam session, or join a local choir or music group. Not only will you get to enjoy the music, but you'll also get to spend quality time with loved ones and make new friends.

So why should listening to more music be your New Year's resolution for 2023?

Not only is it a great way to discover new artists and genres, but it can also have a positive impact on your overall well-being and provide opportunities for social connections. So go ahead and turn up the volume on your new favourite tunes, and let the music take you away.


Folklore Sessions returns on the 17th January at The Folklore Rooms for its first monthly showcase of 2023. With music from The Roebucks, Bea Everett and Rapt.

Doors: 19h30

Free Entry

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