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The End Of A Decade: 2019 Round Up

With three weeks to go until we usher in a new decade of roaring twenties, we've been busy rounding up our favourite tracks released in the last 12 months from the Folklore Community. From the new discoveries, to our old favourites, it's been a year full of stunning releases to end the 2010's... here's to many more! 


Soft Sports - Graduation Day

Nothing brightened up our October quite like the new release, 'Graduation Day' from one of our favourite Brighton trios: Soft Sports. The product of a four-day stint in the Isle of Wight with Boe Weaver, 'Graduation Day' revels in it's marriage of psychedelic soundscapes and pensive lyrics, confidently embedding itself in your psyche.


There's a particular charm in Rob Godfrey's voice that makes you hang on to every last word of the stories he sings- the bitter narrative of 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?' is no exception. Accompanied by gentle americana finger-picking and a sparse but powerful lead guitar, the familiar tale of a former lover moving on hits square in the chest, in the same matter-of-fact manner the songwriter's become renowned for.


Tommy - Pyre

Released 30 days into 2019, Tommy didn't take the new year easy on us. With a driving force of desperation and emotionally charged dynamics, 'Pyre' is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. With a poignant combination of solidarity and despair, the honest, affecting lyrics power the song through a deep understanding of struggle and pain that reaches right through the speakers.


Edie Bens - The First One

A stunning debut from up & coming songwriter Edie Bens, 'The First One' recounts the throes of first love with confidence and consideration far beyond her years. With just the right blend of vulnerability, passion, and bite, the track proves there's good reason behind the buzz surrounding her and we can't wait to see what new releases 2020 brings.


Josh McGovern - When You're Done

An honest and raw portrait of real love, 'When You're Done' need not rely on heavy production and instrumentation. With just a vocal, guitar, and double bass, the track's sincere and heartfelt tone captivates and comforts, resulting in a powerful love song the likes of which many can only dream to have written for them.


George Ogilvie - Grave

Hypnotic and sincere- it's impossible to not get swept up in the dark tide of George Ogilvie's 2019 release 'Grave'. Culminating in one of the most emotive crescendos of the year, this powerful release is one to be reckoned with, and proves that whilst we've been patiently anticipating his full-length album, George Ogilvie's writing has been going from strength to strength.


Bess Atwell - Ventnor Villas

Rising from the ambience, a strumming guitar and gentle double track vocal introduces you to the final song from Bess Atwell's enchanting 2019 release Big Blue. 'Ventnor Villas" is a nostalgic, reflective tribute to a broken but growing heart. Written a year after the rest of the EP and originally intended as a bonus track, the melancholy, bittersweet song cements itself as one of the most hauntingly beautiful record finales of the year.


Steven Bamidele - Still My Mother's Baby

With dreamy synths, an infectious soul vibe, and an enviable falsetto top line one can only hope but adequately sing along to, 'Still My Mother's Son' showcases Steven Bamidele's sophisticated, contemporary, and yet simultaneously classic sound. With promises of a debut EP in early 2020, we're more than happy to hold our breath and keep this release on repeat in the meantime.


Chloe Foy - Fade Into You

A loyal and charismatic cover of the Mazzy Star 1994 classic, Chloe Foy's timeless vocals could easily see her version of 'Fade Into You' mistaken as an original. Mellow, soothing, and psychedelic, this wistful rendition gracefully waltzes it's way to our favourite cover of the year. A captivating release for this rising singer-songwriter who has recently completed her first state side tour with Jesca Hoop. Watch this space...


Mo Kenney - Ahead Of Myself

Relentless in it's energy, Mo Kenney's standalone release 'Ahead Of Myself' confidently exhibits the Canadian singer-songwriter's award-winning wry lyricism and polished sound. With a headline Australian tour set for January, followed by a Canadian spring tour alongside Joel Plaskett, 2020 is already shaping up to be restless year for the Nova Scotia native.


Folklore Sessions returns on the 17th December at The White Rabbit for it's final show of the decade. With music from Edie Bens, Josh McGovern, Charlie Boswell and host & curator Jacko Hooper, this Christmas special is not one to miss...

Doors: 20h00

Free Entry

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