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TOTW#3 - Easy Wanderlings

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Easy Wanderlings are our third pick for Track of The Week with the elegant and haunting Enjoy It While It Lasts...

India-based Easy Wanderlings see's anywhere from 2 to 11 on stage and have gained a reputation globally for their folksy, blues-tinged pop-rock. Our pick from them see's things take a whimsical turn as you are serenaded by lead vocalist Pratika Gopinath.

I took an oath to stand my ground

When the feeling comes

And greys the day

Listen carefully, I hear the song

The wind brings along to help, carry on

Truly charming and spellbinding, we implore you to delve further into their work and enjoy our track of the week which can also be heard on the most recent Folklore Radio Show episode.

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