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TOTW#5 - Nouel

Nouel releases striking debut with 'Milky Way' and has been selected as our Track of The Week.

Originally from Stockholm, Nathalie Nedeljkovic is no stranger to Folklore, having performed at our monthly showcase back in 2018 under her real name. We've kept a keen eye on her releases since then and it soon became evident... There simply weren't enough of them.

Returning under a new moniker and what feels like a slightly different direction, 'Milky Way' is an absolute treat with production that makes the song truly sing. Intimate vocals are nourished by double bass, electric guitar, piano and drums. No element takes centre stage, instead each complimenting each other and giving the lyrics room to really flourish in their own space.

Won't you open up the Gods gate

It was long ago I saw my Mother say

Won't you come back down to Earth now

'Cos it's a terrible life in the milky way

Coming in at just over three minutes, the track does exactly what every good song does - leaves you wanting more. Elegant and swooning, Nedeljkovic has laid down the groundwork for what promises to be an extremely exciting album in the works (to be released. later this year). Producers Boe Larsen and Pete Smith are at the reigns and the three of them have clearly found a wonderfully complimentary way of working.

Now is the perfect time to become acquainted with Nouel as we expect to see and hear more music throughout the year as she builds up towards the full length record. We will be first in line to get our order when it's announced...

You can listen back to the most recent Folklore Radio Show here where each show we pick our favourite track from recent releases and submissions.

You can learn more about Nouel via her social media platforms - And you absolutely should.

Written by Jacko Hooper - @jacko_hooper

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