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TOTW #6 - elkyn

Track of the week comes from Leeds multi-instrumentalist Joseph Donnelly aka elkyn with the charming and bittersweet 'Something'.

We get a lot of submissions at Folklore and we ensure we listen to every single one and respond to as many people as we possibly can. This doesn't often enable us the luxury to dig into the back catalogue of submissions due to... well, us needing to eat and sleep and stuff.

However, every now and then a track captures our attention so much that we just have to dig deeper and find out more and none more so than when we first heard 'Something' by elkyn, an artist that we are now very familiar with due to the constant streaming of his music at FHQ.

With the track immediately kicking in with a synth line and jovial drums (with additional filtering and effects to give them some extra charm) it's easy to get taken from the start, by the time the vocals come in we realise we've already been well and truly won over. Vocally, Donnelly reminds us a little of Ben Cooper (Radical Face, Electric President) and also the king of melancholy himself, Keaton Henson but we wouldn't rest our hat on just that alone, there's more to his writing than comparable artists, elkyn truly expresses a unique and mature understanding of songwriting that is equally highlighted by his debut EP/Mini Album Beech which came out last year.

We feel like we've been let into this club at the early stages and we're very excited to see where elkyn's journey goes from here - we cannot wait to see him in Brighton when touring becomes a part of our lives again.

Get up, late again

Another wasted morning

Get out, drink ahead

This time you'll feel it

You can listen back to the most recent Folklore Radio Show episode where we picked elkyn as our track of the week HERE.

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Written by @jacko_hooper

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