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TOTW# 7 - Willy Tea Taylor

""...If you asked me point blank who I thought was the best songwriter of our generation regardless of genre, scene, commercial or critical success, I would tell you without hesitation that it is Willy “Tea” Taylor..." - Saving Country Music

This weeks Track Of The Week comes from Northern Californian; Willy Tea Taylor, a songwriter so compelling and honest in his approach that it's seen him gain legions of fans across the globe. Taylor is as much of a poet as he is a musician with his lyrics speaking of the land in which he grew up and the people that live there, on the cattle farms of California.

Since discovering his work we have been mesmerised by his album Knuckleball Prime (2015) and we could have picked any one of these songs as our track of the week. We decided to settle with You Have My Attention.

Cause when I come home, and I find ya

Loaded up your car, start your engine

Saying, "Willy, Willy, I'm so sorry

But all I wanted was your attention

And now I'm sittin' here all alone

In this empty, lonesome kitchen

All I'm thinkin' 'bout is you, just you

You finally have all of my attention

Even those with the coldest of hearts would be unable to not be truly taken by the lyrics of Taylor and this song is no less imprinting on your conscious than the rest. The fully acoustic version of the track takes you to a different place to that of the record, with a thunderous electric guitar coming in half way through the track on the album that takes you off guard... The distorted rattle from the guitar seems to summarise the frustration Taylor is portraying with the lyrics and was the deciding factor in us selecting it as this weeks track of the week.

We're delighted to be welcoming Willy to Brighton on September 2nd with support from S.T Manville at The Brunswick, Hove and tickets are already selling quickly so we implore you to get yours now and not miss the real deal that is Willy Tea Taylor. He will be playing around the rest of the UK too and you can see the dates below.

Tickets are available HERE.

You can find more of our Track Of The Week selections here and you can follow Willy Tea Taylor at the following sites:

Written by @jacko_hooper

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