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TOTW# 8 - Drew Beck

LA based Beck is a multi-instrumentalist that has seen him perform all over the globe but it took a global pandemic for him to finally release new material of his own. Can we call that a silver lining to a global pandemic? Probably not but we're still mightily grateful he did.

The recent EP, released in March, titled Peace & Flowers takes you on a trip from Arcade Fire territory through to The Beatles kingdom via Ben Cooper's (Electric President, Radical Face) house and it's quite the journey. Perhaps the warbling synth on Hunting For A Miracle reminds us of Spyro The Dragon sufficiently enough for it to feel more warm and nostalgic than something of negative connotations. Either way, we're absolutely sold and the second track on the record slid straight from our DMs directly into the Track Of The Week and has been on rotation since.

God only knows where I stand

I don't want to be anyone but her man,

I love every breath she takes

I Love Every Breath She Takes starts with a shaking electric guitar and a vocal that feels thoroughly LA (he says with a deep, innate sigh whilst looking out at the British 'Spring') but you shouldn't think you have this songwriter sussed, there's a much more interesting and honest tone that comes from Beck than some other artists that currently reside on the Hollywood hills.

The feeling of melancholy and longing stays with you through the track despite what should be a positive subject... Is it a sad song because she doesn't return the feeling? Or does Beck simply have a wonderful ability to weave an emotive melody around a positive timbre? We hope it's the second one for his sake but either way we're very happy as this track truly sits inside of you like a reflective thought or a smell from a childhood memory. It's comfortable and comforting yet still interesting and alluring enough to make you want to dig into more of his work - which we implore you to do.

Imagine Dragons drummer Andrew Tolman is the final piece to the puzzle on this track with some wonderful brush work and a snare sound that fills us with joy but don't be mistaken, this isn't a record or project birthed purely from an excellent pool of name-dropping friendships, the tracks deserve the attention they have been given from his peers.

The whole EP is littered with gems both lyrically and sonically and we're excited to see where 2021 takes him with word of a full length coming later in the year - We can't wait to hear it.

Learn more and follow Drew Beck on his socials below:

Written by @jacko_hooper

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