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TOTW #9 - Soft Sports

Soft Sports pick up our 9th Track Of The Week hot-spot with their cover of Little Man by Little Dragon for what is a unique take on an already unique creation by the Dragons.

Consisting of Chris Matthewson (Vocals, Guitars), Leo Clarke (Bass, Vocals) and Declan Haughian (Drums, Vocals), Soft Sports combine musical wizardry with unique and catchy melodies that dips into the Radiohead realms of creativity. No, really - You crazy Radiohead connoisseurs, calm yourselves down because it's true.

Accomplished players in their own right, Soft Sports have managed to mould their three personalities into this project and Little Man is no different. Smooth and emotive vocals from Matthewson sit above a fuzzy and roaming bass line and tight drums. Having been in different projects over the years they have been a staple of the Folklore community and it seems they might have found their most lethal outlet to date with Soft Sports.

Castle, house, cars and the ladies

Blues, no doubt, got you feeling empty

Your bank's packed to edge and still you're sad

We're hoping this will signal another batch of releases from the Brighton-based trio and we cannot wait to see them live again after this lengthy spell on the sidelines for all of us. Their set at The Great Escape Festival a few years ago was a firm highlight and having recently toured with George Ogilvie we hope that there's a Soft Sports show just around the corner...

Learn more about Soft Sports by following them in the usual places;

Written by @jacko_hooper

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