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Folklore's Top 5: Monthly Playlist Highlights

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time of year to discover your new favourite artist.

As the chaos of The Great Escape fades into memory, we couldn't be happier about June's arrival. The sun is finally out in full force and everywhere we look has that holiday atmosphere. But far from winding down, we're revving up our musical exploration. With longer days and leisurely moments spent walking through nature or lounging on the beach, summer becomes one of our favourite times of the year to discover new music.

So, join us as we dive into this month's playlist highlights, curated to accompany you on your sun-soaked adventures and provide the perfect soundtrack for that summer feeling.


Little Love - Katie Tupper

A chance encounter at The Great Escape introduced us to the soulful tones of Saskatoon-native Katie Tupper, and she graciously accepted a last minute booking to perform our showcase the following day where the entire audience fell head over heels in love with her and her incredible band.

All too often recorded tracks fail to capture the same magic as live performance- Tupper, however, makes it sound easy. Little Love is a feel-good, 2 minute wonder, brimming with all the charisma and charm we saw at her Folklore set. You're guaranteed to be humming this ode to the little moments of love throughout your day, and it's the perfect track to kick off our summer soundtrack. It's hard to imagine a world in which Katie Tupper isn't set for stardom- we can only hope she visits us one more time at The Folklore Rooms before then!


I Try - Nierra Creek

Taking sonic influence from indie folk artists such as Bon Iver and LOW, to production heavy artists Jim-E Stack and Oneohtrix Point Never, Nierra Creek are a musical duo forging their own unique sound which transcends genre.

Look, anyone who follows Folklore Sessions knows that we are bona fide, merch-buying, gig-going, lyric-knowing Nierra Creek fans through and through- and it's for good reason. Mesmerising live and equally enthralling on record, their first single since 2021 delivers everything we were hoping for and more. I Try combines an eclectic yet balanced ambience with a driving beat, layered synth lines and a truly devastating hook: "I don't think that I'll love again. Not because I won't, I'm just sick at the thought of it". The restrained emotion displayed in the song is magnificent and, as ever, we can't wait to hear more from this intoxicating duo.


Gummi - Samuel Nicholson

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, and currently making waves in London, Samuel Nicholson is an extraordinary indie rock frontman, musician, and composer. From the beginnings of his musical journey listening to his mother's Motown records, to his father's influence of hard rock, Samuel's music captures a certain kind of magic from bygone eras.

There are some songs that are just made for driving, and Gummi is one of them. Overflowing with nostalgia, the dream-induced soundscape has Nicholson's influences woven into the fabric of the song, paying homage to the artists who have shaped his journey. Yet, amidst these influences, his music remains undeniably authentic, carving out its own distinct identity that pulls you deeper into his world with every listen. We've lost count of the times we found ourselves hitting the repeat button on this track - it's just that addictive - and we can't wait to see it live when Samuel Nicholson graces the stage of The Folklore Rooms on the 11th July.

"Gummi’s stuck inside a dead end fuckin 9-5

Thinking of all the things he’s doing when it’s 5-9

Caught between prayers and the fruit machine flavourings

And then you go down like a daisy

Fooling around"


I Wonder - Seba Safe

Writing candidly and honestly on personal relationships, love, loss and change, Seba Safe’s pertinent lyrics are wrapped in a sound that combines elements of Pop, Folk, Indie and R'n'B seamlessly, establishing himself as one of Ireland's most promising and emerging songwriting talents out there.

As we eagerly await Seba Safe's EP release at the end of this month, we've been treated to fourth single, and what a single it is! I Wonder is a slow-burn, confidently roaming between acoustic-folk and indie-rock throughout it's journey with astonishing ease. Cinematic and considered, the rhythmic vocals seamlessly weave through the sonic layers Safe is known for, as he reels off his everyday thoughts with poetic mastery. Mark your calendars for the 29th of July when Safe takes the stage for a headline show at The Folklore Rooms for you to experience the magic of his music firsthand.


Stranger In The Rain - Ann Liu Cannon

Ann Liu Cannon is a musician and songwriter, dabbling in folk revival, blues, jazz, and a distinctive production and songwriting style. From a background of classical music, musical theatre, and a love of literature, Ann started singing her stories after teaching herself the guitar and piano.

We dare you not to fall into Ann Liu Cannon's crystal-clear vocals as she runs laps around you with her stirring storytelling. There's a timelessness in Stranger in The Rain that so many artists strive to achieve, and the simplicity of the song highlights how successfully it's been captured here. We were lucky enough to catch Cannon's live set as she supported Tommy Prine back in April at our headquarters, and we can't wait to welcome her back to The Folklore Rooms as soon as we can.


Our Spotify playlists are updated every month with our favourite new sounds, so make sure you tune in frequently- you’re guaranteed to find one of your new favourite artists along the way.

If you'd like to submit your own songs for inclusion in our playlists, please send your Spotify links over to

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Please be aware that we receive a lot of submissions and we are a small team, we will listen to your music and respond when we can.

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