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TOTW #11 - Ian Huschle

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Ian Huschle released his second album 'Knights on The Beach' this June..

So, who the fuck is Ian Huschle? Well, i'd love to tell you but quite honestly I don't really know myself... Having popped into our email inbox earlier this year for possible airplay on The Folklore Radio Show we did what we always do, we gave it a listen and decided if we liked it - The background checks only need to happen if we like the music. In this instance, we loved the music.

Usually when we select a track for Track of The Week I do a bit of digging, learn more about the artist and their back catalogue and generally see what they're all about. When clicking onto Spotify to read his bio I was greeted by 'Ian' and a wikipedia link that sent you to pooper scoopers. Needless to say, it wasn't quite the exposé I was hoping for.

The promoter in me was frustrated by this -

How am I meant to learn more about the artist?

I don't even know where he's based?

I can't find a promo shot of him anywhere?

This is the best I could find...

Equally however, the millennial, tik-tok hating man within me was absolutely delighted. No pretentious photoshoots and a bio with BBC Introducing quotes and tour history... All of which is to every single artist's credit, but on this occasion, I kinda liked the cut of Ian's jib. He quite clearly just doesn't really care about all of that and sometimes that's just what you want - Great music, zero bullshit. If you find it, you find it. If you love it, you love it. If you don't - that's okay by Ian too.

In saying this, we do hope for Ian's sake that he does push his music further and it gains the audience it thoroughly deserves. Vocally we're reminded of Elliot Smith and Ben Cooper (Radical Face / Electric President). The production is a little messy in the most wonderful way with leanings towards to indie legend Daniel Johnston.

The piano sound is so rich and authentic that you can practically see the stand up instrument leaning in the corner of a living room somewhere in rural America. The track is reminiscent of his Spotify bio with nothing in it... No bullshit. - Unlike the Pooper Scooper Wikipedia link, which presumably could be quite bullshit-heavy.

Some day i'll have to face it

That nothing is gunna change

Seems awfully hard to admit it

But maybe i'm thinkin' strange

Face It is our pick from the album as we particularly fell in love with the piano and strings that come into the track but there are many special moments throughout the record and for those that are fans of the no-nonsense approach to bedroom indie-folk, should give it their time (the whole record coming in at just 24mins make's that even easier). Tracks such as Glowing and Dragon Boy are also highlights with Goose and Red Waves showcasing Ian's appreciation for the melancholy. Sparkles of slide guitar ensure you're truly under his spell by the mid-way point of the record having previously found it all rather easy to deal with. Earlier on he was just singing of stubbing his toe on... you guessed it, Toe. A tour with our previous track of the week features "Elkyn" would be the stuff of dreams - Maybe one day Ian? If you get to the UK... From wherever you are... Maybe you're already here. The enigma grows...

Follow Ian Huschle so he keeps releasing music and join him on his truly unique, honest and most importantly truly brilliant musical journey.

Written by @jacko_hooper

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